Sand Aggregate Market Develop Trend

In the coming period, the use of renewable aggregates and machine sands that are reused in waste concrete and slag will increase at twice the rate of growth of natural sand. In addition, according to the report, the storage of natural sand is gradually decreasing globally, and in some developing countries where sandstone aggregates are in great demand, the exploitation of natural sand has been prohibited by law. The report shows that by 2019, natural sand reserves in some countries will be quickly depleted.

The depletion of natural sand resources will lead to a sharp increase in the price of aggregates, especially in areas where construction projects with huge demand for aggregates of sand and gravel are concentrated. This will prompt large resource groups to switch to more affordable alternatives such as construction waste. If the construction waste generated in a large amount in modern society is directly used for landfill, it will cause huge waste of resources and environmental pollution.

The total demand for aggregates of sand and gravel aggregates in Africa and the Middle East will be slightly higher than the global average speed; in South America, many government-supported affordable housing construction will increase the construction industry situation and sand and gravel aggregate demand in the region; North America The upgrading of the construction industry will help increase the production of local aggregates of sand and gravel; the sand and aggregate industry in Western Europe will usher in a new round of growth after a long period of decline, which is the supplier of sand and gravel aggregates in the region. It is a good news; the situation in the construction industry in Eastern Europe will also warm up.

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