Sand screening machine plant in India

Classification, the dividing of granular material into many size groups, is one of the most important steps in the sand production procedure. Screening inside the broader sense also encompasses thickening, pre-screening, control screening, dewatering and deslurrying. The screening outcome depends on the right assessment of the material to become screened, the decision of mesh as well as the execution and adjustment in the screening machine. SBM will supply the sand screening machine plant in India to all of the contractors.

Sand screening machine plant

Modern screening plants are judged by the quality of material developed, distinct throughput, sustainability, rigid design, availability, power consumption and personnel essential, in other words, the all round economic climate. The ever increasing demand for larger throughputs, calls for bigger machines, not least simply because they may be a lot more economical. Having recognised this trend decades ago, SBM started out to develope and manufacture “large screening machines”, for preparation plants with high capacities.The SBM screens with widths up to five.5 m and lengths up to 11 m happen to be made use of successfully within the essential industrial and mining nations.

At the same time, our wide selection of screening machines for small and medium capacities is also getting developed additional employing as much as date technologies. We build and provide specialised screening machines for pre-screening,underwater screening and sand-screening.They’re able to be mobile, stationary, with dust covers, or for classifying beneath inert gases and so on.According to method requirements crosswise and longitudinally tensioned wire meshes, pressure welded grids, polyurethane panels of all major suppliers, punch plates too as stepped grizzly grids is often applied on our machines.


Operational characteristics

SBM circular motion screens are freely vibrating. This means that the amplitude is self regulating depending on the relationship amongst the weight from the screen itself and the counterweight. Circular motion machines possess a steep angle of throw and therefore call for an inclination of 10° – 18°. Exceptions are the dewatering screen at 3° – 5° and steep screens, by way of example when screening sand at an angle of 20° – 40°.

Equipment Configuration

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