Silica Quartz Processing Equipment Supplier

Silica quartz minerals are produced at specialized processing plants. These plants supply mineral products ranging from sizes of approximately 1 micrometer to more than 75 micrometers aerodynamic diameter. Silica quartz processing can be operated in dry or wet operation.

In dry processing systems, the mineral aggregate material from conventional crushing and screening operations is subject to coarse and fine grinding primarily in roller mills or ball mills to reduce the material to the necessary product size range. A classifier is used to size the ground material and return oversized material that can be pulverized using either wet or dry processes. The classifier can either be associated with the grinding operation, or it can be a standalone process unit.

Silica Production Line

In silica sand production line, run-of-mine silica sand, dug directly from the pit faces, is hauled to in-pit crushing stations, and is then slurried and pumped to the silica sand extraction plants. The hydrotransport system has revolutionised materials handling in the district’s mining operations.

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