Silver Ore Processing Flow In Mexico

Silver has been widely used in our daily life.Situated in the southern part of North America, Mexico is a country with rich products. Recently, the content of Mexican silver belt,which found in shallow silver mining,can be up to 368.8 tons of silver ore resources,which willbe a impact on the international silver market.Silver can be used as a common currency and can be used to make jewelry.

In other fields, silver is used to make high sensitivity of physical instrument components, all kinds of automation equipment, rockets, submarine nuclear device, computer, and communications systems, all the devices in a large number of contact points are made of silver. In the medical, commonly used aqueous solution of silver nitrate as eye drops, because silver ions can strongly kill germs.Silver ore, therefore, is widely used and is abundant, we can know the Mexican silver industry has a growing trend.

Mexico silver ore processing flow

How to put the silver ore into silver metal,that is a complex process. This intermediate to go through many steps, such as: crushing, grinding, dressing, which including
wash mud,sorting,selection and purification.According to the properties of the elements,we can choose some suitable mineral processing equipment classification and magnetic separation, flotation, or re-election.


Large native ore are fed into the jaw crusher after vibrating feeder simple screening.Through the deep V broken cavity of the jaw crusher, the granularity of raw materials turn into a small stones, then the material will be sent to the PF series crusher by the conveyor belt.Under the powerful counterattack force, the material is broken according to its texture into relatively homogeneous rocks.


The granularity of the stones is send into the vertical mill inlet by a conveyor belt, after vertical mill grinding, material can achieve the required fineness, namely into the processing link.Moreover,we can adjust the discharging mouth of the mill’s size to control the fineness of material.

Wash mud

20-200 powder material into the spiral chute, separation separation, choose the sediment.


The materials into the table after sorting and remove sediment , then wash out the ferric oxide.


Send the sorted material into the strong magnetic separator, separate the material such as iron, mica, then put the material into ordinary magnetic separator, sorting again.


To the ore main of silver,float joint process or a single flotation process is often used, to put the silver mineral enrichment concentrate,then begin chemical extraction.

Silver ore processing equipment supplier in mexico

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