Steel Slag Dressing Equipment

Steel slag dressing equipment for the recycling of steel slag is very important, can help the majority of businesses more efficient recovery of useful material, improve the production efficiency.

Master pieces by magnetic lines, chain, monitoring system, a fully automated production, production more scientific and rational, more convenient operation, greatly improving labor productivity; production line and delivery system, installation of steel slag crushing the dust removal device, to take the whole closed operations, effectively reducing the dust emissions.

The entire production process from two jaw crusher, a fine cone crusher broken , five iron, five screening and other components to form a “three-breaking five-elected five screening” deep processing of steel slag granulation process, magnetic separation ability, good recovery of ferrite, ferrite content in tailings reduced by 17% or less, greatly improving the active ingredients of bean flour in the production of steel and steel.

The Supplier of Steel Slag Dressing Equipment

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