Tin Ore Dressing Machine In Malaysia

Malaysia was a major tin producers in the world, but the yield reduced year by year, production of 3500 tons in 2004. Tin ore belongs to the non-renewable resources.As a country rich with tin ore, Malaysia also attaches great importance to the sustainable development of tin ore resources.

In the face of the present situation, the best thing to do is intensive tin production and tin industry industrial upgrading. This encouraged companies to make full use of tin ore resources,which requires from all aspects of tin ore production line equipment to optimize and test. Therefore, the enterprise can choose larger output, high efficiency and energy saving of the tin ore processing and mineral processing equipment.

Tin ore beneficiation process in Malaysia

At present,Malaysia tin ore dressing mainly adopts gravity separation,brief in re-electedg. This is according to different mineral density and separation of mineral dressing methods.For gravity separation in addition to gravity separation equipment, must also have a medium, such as water and air. It is also a process of gravity separation and other different places, the characteristics of gravity separation method or advantages in equipment simple structure, low processing cost, so as long as in the conditions can be adopted when appropriate gravity separation process.

Note: This process according to the standard process design, can be in accordance with the requirements of different customers production and optimization design.

  1. Water elution mud:Fine dispersion the quartz bonding of fine clay under water agglomerate and to remove fine clay mud.
  2. Hydraulic classification: According to different the settling velocity of diffierent size mineral in water,then be divided into several grade product and give different graded to meet user requirements.
  3. Shaking table dressing: Tin and other particles with big density sink faster in the water, the particles with small density is separated from the particles with bigl density In the hydraulic action.This is suitable for tin remove other lightweight gangue.

Tin ore dressing machine in Malaysia

In Malaysia to make a full use of the tin ore,we can choose a FL spiral classifier separate and 6S shaking table as the tin ore dressing machine.SBM FL spiral classifier is designed to separate, and in different kinds of process, it can separate different materials. In the mining industry, it separate the particles into a number of products graded according to size in the complete closed loop together with ball mill and also in the beneficiation plant. it can separate the slurry or liquid from solid particles. Separate light particles from heavy particles in the gravity separation process, separate of fine particles and liquid from coarse particles in the metal ore dressing process.

6S shaking table is used in separating fine ore dressing equipment.SBM’s 6S Shaking Table, also known as the dressing table, glass table, which belongs to the gravity separation equipment. By plane chute development,its asymmetrical reciprocating motion characteristics and self-contained.In addition, it can be effective treatment of tick size is in the range of 3-0.019 mm metal ore, coal cap size up to 10 mm.

6S Shaking Table is be widely used in minerals separation of tungsten, tin, tantalum, niobium, gold and other rare metals and precious metal ores. It is applied in different separations of rough concentration, elaborate concentration and scavenging concentration, which can process coarse sand (2-0.5mm), fine sand (0.5-0.074mm) and ore slurry(-0.074). It also can be used in processing iron, manganese,tin ore and coal. The effective recycling granularity range of shaking table is 2-0.22 millimeters during processing tungsten, tin ores.

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