Vibrating Feeder Common Problems And Solutions

Description: Vibrating feeder will have some common problems in the operation process. These faults will not only affect the work efficiency, but also may affect the service life of the vibration feeder. Therefore, to find the reasons of the common problems and to solve them, are the important knowledge in the use of vibration feeder. The following is the common problems and solutions of vibrating feeder. Hope it is useful for you.

Vibrating feeder can’t start. Vibrating feeder does not start, and can’t work. This is the biggest problem. In the face of this problem, we can examine from the following aspects: check if the power supply is off, if the voltage conforms to the requirement; check whether the motor has a blocking phenomenon; keep the vibrating feeder starting with the light load; exclude the connection between feeder and other equipment, and avoid causing difficulty in starting.

Vibrating Feeder Common Problems And Solutions

Vibrating feeder amplitude is small and does the horizontal swing. The materials do the deviation running. Faced with this problem, there may be two vibrating feeders to operate with the same direction, or one of the feeders has a fault in operation. Check the wiring of vibration feeder. Ensure two vibrating feeder do the inverting operation. If the components or motor has damage, it should be promptly removed and replaced.

The vibrating feeder’s temperature is too high. This may be the cause of bearing heating, single-phase operation or rotor problem. To deal with such problems, we should repair or replace of bearings, removing the fault.

Vibrating feeder has the excessive noise. Excessive vibration noise may be caused by the motor base. The operating personnel can check whether the motor base bolt has the loosening or fracture phenomenon. If it is necessary, fasten the bolts or replace.

The material flow on screen surface is abnormal. This problem may be insufficient rigidity of the screen box, and have a critical frequency. It explains that the connecting bolts have been loose, even to the overall vibration loose degree. It needs to fasten immediately. There may be the improper operation, namely the feed is not extremely balanced. This is also one of the reasons.

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