Zircon Sand Separation Machine and Processing Plant for Sale

SBM is global supplier and manufacturer of crushing plant, grinding mill and separation machine. We design and manufacture a comprehensive line of processing equipment for mining, industrial minerals industry, coal and cement, including classifiers and related accessories for both wet and dry processing systems.

Based on professional experience and advanced technology, we developed complete series of zircon sand separation machine for sale including crushing plant, grinding machine, screening machine, spirals, gravity separator, centrifugal jig, magnetic separator, electrostatic separator etc.

Zircon Sand Separation Machine

Zircon Sand Separation Machine


Spirals use differences in specific gravity and the effects of hindered settling to separate light and heavy minerals. Spirals are used at the zircon sand mine sites to separate large quantities of quartz sand away from the valuable heavy zircon sand minerals. The final product from the spirals is a heavy mineral concentrate that is suitable for dry mill processing. Spirals are also used in the dry mill to remove residual quartz and aluminosilicates that have the same electrostatic and magnetic properties as zircon but have a lower specific gravity.

Centrifugal Jig

Centrifugal jigs combine the pulsation principles of conventional jigs with the application of a centrifugal force. This force is several times that of gravity (which a conventional jig must rely on) which improves the performance on minerals that have similar specific gravity (such as zircon and kyanite).

Those particles whose specific gravity are higher or equal to that of the ragging material (typically coarse garnet for zircon/kyanite separation) will settle in the ragging bed.

Magnetic Separator

Mineral is fed as a layer onto a thin belt (0.5 millimetres) that carries the feed to a magnetic roll. The magnetic roll consists of alternate slices of rare earth magnet and mild steel.

The rare earth produces a magnetic field that converges at the mild steel slices. Magnetic mineral on the belt is drawn towards the mild steel slices and is pinned to the belt by friction. Non-magnetic minerals are not influenced by the magnetic field and are thrown from the roll by centrifugal force.

Rare earth magnetic roll separators are applied to a wide range of separation duties that include improving the ceramic quality of zircon by rejecting weakly magnetic contaminants, to production of ilmenite products.

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